Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question? We’ll give you some answers…

You need to be 18 years or older to enter into a credit contract.
Not always, but it does add strength to your application.
Yes, there is a early settlement fee of $100 to cover the costs involved and we rebate interest, administration fees and insurance premiums.
If all necessary information is supplied, most of our loans are processed within 1 hour.
We will settle your debts directly with the companies involved.
No, when the loan proceeds there is an establishment fee.
Yes, after checking it is affordable for the customer and provided it complies with our responsible lending guidelines.
Yes. We are willing to assess all applicants. We understand that most of us experience difficulties at some stage and sometimes a co-borrower or guarantor may be necessary.
We can secure over motor vehicles, boats, jetskis and/or property.
No, we require a minimum of a restricted licence to proceed with a loan.
A person who is willing to gaurantee your payments will be made and be liable for the debt if you fail to meet your obligations
Yes, during the term of the loan your vehicle must be insured with MyFinance’s interest noted on the policy.