Who can apply and do what we need?

If you're contemplating filling out our loan application, make sure you cover the requirements below.

  • Over 18. If you’re underage, we can talk to you with a parent or guardian to see how we might be able to assist in the meantime.
  • Live in New Zealand. You need to reside in NZ and be a resident or a citizen. We will ask for a recent bill or formal letter to your home address. Holders of work visas may borrow for terms that end before their current work visa expires.
  • Afford repayments. Our focus is on you. So, we'll work with you and complete a budget of your finances. We will need the last 3 months of your bank account transactions through a secure internet banking link or copy of statements. You can check the likely repayment levels for the loan you would like on our handy Loan Calculator here. Credit score and history of debt will be taken into consideration and will influence the interest rate.

You can continue an application you started previously.

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How much would you like to borrow?

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Rates & Fees

How to apply for a loan

As a responsible lender, we need a bit about you to make sure we can help. So, here are the borrowing basics, and what we need to know about you.

Applying for your personal loan

Our application process is completely digital – unlike most other lenders! If this is your first personal loan with us, it will take a little more time to process than if you're a returning customer. We will help you through the process and do everything we can to make this fast and easy, making sure you understand what we are doing and what you are applying for along the way.

We ask for information like...

  • How much do you need?
  • What is it for?
  • How do we contact you?
  • Where do you live?
  • How you earn your income?

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It's simple and straight forward and there's help as you need it.

Wondering about costs?

Rates & Fees

Getting your loan quickly

As soon as we receive your loan application, we start working on how we can help make your loan possible. We understand that you need to know how the application is going and how soon funds will be available. There may be some more information we need, so either way, we will be in touch with you very soon. Some of the things we look for include...

  • Credit record. We understand that we can all fall on hard times, but we like to see a previous commitment to repayment on historical debt.
  • Payments to suit your budget. Providing a loan that you can't afford doesn't work for us or for you. We'll not knowingly let you get in 'over your head'. We complete a detailed assessment to make sure that we understand the best loan term and loan amount for you.
  • Security helps. We usually require some form of security. That may be your car, household chattels or other valuable property. We check value, prior charges and ownership as a part of our assessment.
  • A loan to fit your circumstances. We'll listen to you and seek to provide the loan you need in a way that fits your personal position. This may be term, repayment size and frequency, and payment protection insurance.

All of this can take time

Help us by completing the application with as much information as possible, provide us with your bank statements and talking to us about the various things we may need to follow up on. We can usually provide approval and complete loan documents on a same-day basis so we can get the cash into your account. When urgency is the key, we can deliver!

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