Travel restrictions have become part of our everyday life over the last couple of years and are impacting wedding guests all over the world. Due to many COVID-19 related reasons, we’ve had to get creative when it comes to ensuring our loved ones can be present when we tie the knot. Whether it’s through a live stream or video conference calls (think ZOOM), your friends and family will still be able to witness one of the biggest days of your life – your wedding!

Let’s take a look at our top tips on how to have the virtual wedding of your dreams. Whether it’s a bunch of special guests or just a few who can’t make it – these tips will make the virtual aspect of your wedding run that much smoother. If you find yourself a little bit short on funds for the big day, apply for a wedding loan with MyFinance and we’ll have you streaming the wedding you’ve always wanted before you can say “I do!”.

How to Have a Wonderful Virtual Wedding

There are a few things to take care of before the day to ensure your virtual wedding goes smoothly. Now, we know you’ve probably had enough of hearing about wedding logistics, but we promise it’s worthwhile to tick these things off before sending the invites.

1. Time zones

The first thing to sort out is coordinating time zones to make sure all your nearest & dearest overseas can attend. If your guests are attending from all around the world, they may need to join the stream at unusual times. To make it easier, you could set up a recording of the stream so that all parties can join at a time that suits. Figure out what times you’ll be working with on this Time Zone Converter.

2. Sorting out a programme

Another early decision that needs to be made is whether you stream the entire wedding or just key parts of it that are scheduled to a timeframe. Think getting ready, the ceremony, speeches, cake cutting and your first dance!

3. Take stock of what tech you need

Do you want to buy a new tablet, camera, or microphone to make sure your stream is as good as possible? Check out MyHome for all your tech needs and you won’t even have to lay out the cash upfront! You could also hire a videographer especially, to stream for you or organise a friend or family member to be in charge. Too easy!

You could live stream on Facebook or Twitch where viewers can interact in the comments, or you could video conference call from ZOOM or Skype where the virtual guests can interact and speak to each other and the in-person guests. Make sure you use a calling platform that doesn’t have a call time limit and check you have a good internet connection throughout your venue too – you don’t want to be cut off from your loved ones in the middle of the ceremony!

You could even take it up a notch with a big projector screen where you can display your guests on the call and speak to them directly. The opportunities are endless!

4. Make your virtual wedding magical

Sending your virtual guests physical invitations will help them feel more connected and a part of the event rather than email invites. It will also give them something to hold on to as a memento.

Make it more engaging for your attendees by setting a dress code and, if the budget allows, a special bottle of wine can be delivered to them. Involve your guests by having them give speeches, take part in the ceremony, or blessing the meal to involve the special people who couldn’t be present.

You could even host virtual games that in-person and online guests can play together from their phones. We like Kahoot! where you can create customised quizzes on the bride and groom.

Providing games, interaction, and deliveries is bound to add some wedding magic and make the experience memorable for your guests.


There’s certainly plenty to think about when it comes to hosting a wedding online. We hope this guide has given you a starting point to involve those special people that can’t make the wedding in person. If you find you’re a little short on cash to get the camera upgrade or hire the videographer you want, let us help! MyFinance offers wedding loans with competitive interest rates and repayment plans to suit you. Get in touch with our excellent team or apply online now to find out more! Also don't forget to check our blog on the best wedding locations in NZ.

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